Our New Line

Technology translates to quality

    • Advanced engineering from people all over the world.
    • Unprecedented productivity.
    • Ability to electronically size onions with an accuracy of within 1/10th of a millimeter.
    • Ability to create customer specific recipes to be able to deliver a high level of consistent product types.
    • Ability to electronically grade onions by taking high resolution photos of every onion and then identifying any blemishes that may occur.
    • Capability to also grade onions for internal quality.  Whether it be internal decay, seed stem, or sprouts, the cameras can see it and remove that product.
    • High speed automatic scales and baggers for a more consistent net pack weight.
    • High speed fully automatic palletizers and wrappers.
    • The latest technology in regards to dust, dirt, and debris extraction allowing for a better work environment for our employees and an overall cleaner facility start to finish.
    • The latest in sensory technology to work in all aspects of our operation to help lessen our fuel and oil consumption in an effort to be more environmentally conscious

Watch our company video with footage of the new line